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Harald WydraAgnes HorvathBjørn Thomassen.

The Journal International Political Anthropology provides a new and much needed forum for interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship, addressing problematics and concerns of the contemporary political scene through the prism of anthropologically based approaches. 

A main aim of the Journal is to give a voice to conceptual and methodological creativity, linking the study of politics to perspectives and tools drawn from disciplines or subject areas that were long considered irrelevant to the study of politics proper. The Journal is bi-annual. At intervals, the Journal will publish a Symposium, gathering articles and commentaries relating to a specific theme that has been dealt with at a preceding workshop. Symposia themes and workshops will be announced at the IPA website. 

International Political Anthropology is a non-commercial peer-reviewed academic journal published twice a year under Creative Commons Attribution copyright license and all its articles and journals can be accessed free online through free registration in its website. It is registered and published in Ficinoand in the WorldCat Press. The editors-in-chief, Agnes Horvath, Harald Wydra and Bjorn Thomassen, gathered in Florence in 2007 to establish this journal for promoting interaction between international relations scholars and disciplines such as Anthropology, Sociology, and Philosophy In its operation for the last five years, the journal supported annual summer schools, such as IPASS; various conferences, such as CFP and symposia, and Flying University events to develop a significant international network of scholars, with the support of the University College Cork.

For the discipline itself, see the journal homepage. The International Political Anthropology interested in studying concrete singularities and innovative thinking for the analysis of concrete and living human integrities in the field of politics. It is a journal in the broad field of politics, anchored in different strands of anthropological traditions and makes reference to  philosophical anthropology and epistemology, and covers ethnographic accounts that lead to novel reflections on politics in a comparative setting.



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