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International Political Anthropology (IPA) was born in Florence on a November morning in 2007. It was born out of a two-fold recognition. First, although an increasing number of anthropologists today consider themselves ‘political anthropologists’, this growing subfield does not have a journal of its own. Second, it seems clear by now that institutional accounts of politics within the frame of the state have exhausted their capability to provide meaningful accounts of contemporary events. There is thus a need to explore more systematically how anthropologically inspired approaches can renew the political and social sciences, broadly speaking.
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Harald Wydra, Agnes Horvath, Bjørn Thomassen.
  • Vol. 11 (2018)

    IPA Journal 21-22
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The Journal International Political Anthropology provides a new and much-needed forum for interdisciplinary and comparative scholarship, addressing problematics and concerns of the contemporary political scene through the prism of anthropologically based approaches. A main aim of the Journal is to give a voice to conceptual and methodological creativity, linking the study of politics to perspectives and tools drawn from disciplines or subject areas that have been long considered irrelevant to the study of politics proper. We, therefore, invite contributions that link contemporary problems of politics to a comparative analysis of civilizations, mythology, archaeology, history of the longue durée, religion, symbolism, violence, or political spirituality. We are interested in contributions that thematize the pre-political links between human beings and authority and that connect the analysis of historical crises with the interpretation of meaning as a central aspect of the formation of leaders, political consciousness, or social cohesion.

Each edition of the Journal is divided into three sections:

  • Free-standing articles,

  • Symposium, gathering articles and commentaries relating to a specific theme

  • Book reviews, review articles and comments to the Journal.


 Open Access: all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.

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